Demanding/Multi Terrain

Suitable for ...

EcoLog 574D
EcoLog 590
EcoLog 594D
EcoLog 594E
EcoLog 688
HSM 208F - 9 tonne
John Deere 1510E &1510G 8 Wheel Forwarder
John Deere 1910E & 1910G 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 865 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 875 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 895 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 931XC
Logset 10F
Logset 12F
Logset 8F
Ponsse Bison Active Frame
Ponsse Buffalo 8 Wheel Forwarder
Ponsse Buffalo King 8 Wheel Forwarder
Ponsse Elephant 8 Wheel Forwarder
Ponsse Elephant King 8 Wheel Forwarder
Rottne F13
Rottne F15
Rottne F18
Rottne F20
Rottne H14
Rottne H21
Tigercat 1055C
Tigercat 1065
Tigercat 1075
Tigercat 1075C
Tigercat 1085C

Terra 95

Terra 95 is the undisputed class leading heavy duty, all-terrain, all-season track. Heavy plate section and our 28mm durable links ensure long service life when fitted to the latest high horsepower, heavy Forwarders and Harvesters.

  • Arguably the best multi-terrain tracks on the market
  • Particularly suited to medium and large harvesters and forwarders, 14t payload upwards
  • Low profile design reduces vibration and results in less operator fatigue
  • All season use; assured Winter and Summer performance
  • Durable and hard wearing, even on rocky terrain
  • Suitable for Scarifying and Skidder operations.

Skidder manufacturers have various rules relating to the fitting of traction aids (Tracks and Chains). It is the operators responsibility to ensure they comply with these rules prior to fitting traction aids.

Machine: Forwarder (Light/Medium)  Forwarder (Heavy)  Harvester  Skidder  
Climate: Snow  Ice  Temperate  
Terrain: Multi Terrain  Demanding  
Link System: