Advisory driving information to gain the best possible performance from your Clark Tracks

Driving with Tracks

Tracks increase machine stability, offer increased traction and flotation. However, in order to obtain maximum advantages from using tracks, the following points should be duly observed:

  • The correct track must be selected for each task, considering terrain, machine size and type, tyre type and size to which the tracks will be fitted, driver experience and working practices
  • Tracks must be correctly fitted and tensioned
  • Tracks should not hit or foul the machine bodywork
  • Special note should be made of tracks which have worn anti-skid spikes. These spikes prevent lateral sliding of tracks, particularly on side slopes and should be replaced when worn.
  • Tyres must be inflated to correct working pressure - usually maximum permitted tyre pressure.

Driving Speeds

The maximum driving speed with tracks should never exceed 12km/hr. This applies even on flat smooth surfaces or forest roads. Speeds should be considerably reduced in the forest and reduced further with a loaded forwarder and when operating on extreme terrain.