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EcoLog 554D
EcoLog 560
EcoLog 564D
EcoLog 574D
EcoLog 574E
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EcoLog 688
HSM 208F - 9 tonne
John Deere 1070E & 1070G 6 Wheel Harvester
John Deere 1210E &1210G 8 Wheel Forwarder
John Deere 1510E &1510G 8 Wheel Forwarder
John Deere 1910E & 1910G 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 830.3 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 835 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 840.4 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 865 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 875 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 895 8 Wheel Forwarder
Komatsu 941.1 6 Wheel Harvester
Logset 10F
Logset 4F
Logset 5F
Logset 6F
Logset 8F
Ponsse Bison Active Frame
Ponsse Buffalo 8 Wheel Forwarder
Ponsse Buffalo King 8 Wheel Forwarder
Ponsse Cobra
Ponsse Elephant 8 Wheel Forwarder
Ponsse Elephant King 8 Wheel Forwarder
Rotne H11
Rottne F10
Rottne F11
Rottne F13
Rottne F15
Rottne F18
Rottne F20
Rottne H14
Rottne H21
Tigercat 1055C
Tigercat 1065
Tigercat 1075
Tigercat 1075C
Tigercat 1085C


Rocky tracks feature a wide spaced square section track plate design. This gives superior grip and traction to large machines working in demanding, steep and rocky conditions.

  • Square section track plate for optimum traction in rocky terrain
  • Heavy duty for use on large machines
  • Exceptional climbing ability.

Machine: Forwarder (Light/Medium)  Forwarder (Heavy)  Harvester  
Climate: Snow  Ice  
Terrain: Demanding  
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