CTC-Xplorer Chain

Clark Tracks Ltd. now offer a range of chains for the most popular Cut-To-Length and Skidder machines (see table below for available tyre sizes). Our CTC-Xplorer range has been developed in conjunction with our sister company OFA, producers of the world largest range of Forestry Chains for professional use.

CTC-Explorer chains are made from boron steel and are available in 2 different material thicknesses. 16mm and 19mm.
2-diamond model gives good grip and is a good choice as an all around chain.
3-diamond model also has excellent side protection against slash damages etc.


  Part Code Tyre Size Net Weight
CTC-Xplorer 16 CT93589615 600/55-26.5 380kg
CTC-Xplorer 16 CT93589668 710/45-26.5
CTC-Xplorer 16 CT93589756 750/55-26.5 416kg
CTC-Xplorer 16 CT93589676 700/55-34 440kg
CTC-Xplorer 16 CT93589736 700/70-34 517kg
CTC-Xplorer 16 CT93589325 23.1-26 403kg
CTC-Xplorer 16 CT93588328 28.1-26 (28L-26) 474kg
CTC-Xplorer 19 CT93589230 30.5-32 646kg
CTC-Xplorer 19 CT93589232 35.5-32 790kg